Product You with James Gray

I've spent over 20 years studying, writing about, and experimenting with strategies and tactics for managing a career. There are three themes I've learned:
(1) your livelihood depends on your ability to differentiate, sell and adapt your value proposition in constantly changing markets.
(2) true fulfillment requires a whole-person philosophy to daily life where your career operates in harmony with non-work interests, responsibilities, and relationships.
(3) earning the rewards you value is a long-game journey with ups and downs - it is your discipline and resilience to keep moving in the face of resistance with daily contributions that build your full potential.

In this podcast, I use a "product" metaphor to share proven concepts I learned building great software products adapted to careers and life. There is the work product we offer through our hands and minds in exchange for professional rewards such as money, experience, and success. But there are other products we offer like a parent to our kids or a partner in a relationship. Unlike products we buy, our human products have hearts, emotions, and feelings. I want this to be a podcast that fuses hard, tangible strategy with the soft, inner realities of being human. I want to explore conversations about topics people avoid or can't have in the workplace. Career strategy is not a bolt-on - it's central to who we are and gives meaning to what we want to experience during our short life. Wisdom is abundant and freely available these days, but it is how we use it to productize our talents and allocate our daily time to become the best versions of ourselves. Episodes will include concepts from the Career Strategy Framework, conversations with people who have navigated career uncertainty, and learning from people who are experts in an area that is essential to managing a successful career. Thanks for listening! - James